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Reading and description from a radiologist

Are you unsure about the report or results of an X-ray, CT scan, MRI or ultrasound examination?
Do you need an expert to compare current imaging with previous examinations? Or are you facing one or more radiological examinations and don't know what to do next or which physician to turn to in order to get the right treatment? Through MedicusUnion, you can receive a professional assessment of your radiological results from the best specialists of Europe.

What is available within the service

To obtain a European radiologist's opinion, you must submit:
  • x-ray
  • ultrasound image
  • MRI, CT or PET/PET-CT images
  • scintigraphic images
  • results of other analyzes and examinations
The images are studied onsite by a radiologist specialized in the respective field of radiology. The report will be delivered within three to five working days, and prepared in German or English. If the documents need to be translated contact us directly.

Service costs

The cost depends on various parameters and may vary.
You can check the details of the fee in the doctor's profile or find out more from our support team.
If your medical findings need to be translated, MedicusUnion can help you to get them translated into the language you require.
  • Translation of the medical report into the patient's preferred language
How it works