MedicusUnion - medicine without borders

MedicusUnion is a platform where qualified European doctors come together to make medical services available online to anyone, from anywhere in the world, in a timely manner.
MedicusUnion - medicine without borders

Why we

MedicusUnion offers you medical assistance regardless of your location. Our platform includes online-consultation via video call, interpretation during consultations and a secure exchange of medical data. With us you get the opportunity to receive competent advice on the treatment and prevention of diseases.
Video Consultation

Consultation by video call

No matter where you are, as long as you have internet access, with our assistance you can obtain a consultation from the best doctors of the European medical school

Time saving

You can consult with your doctor online from the comfort of your own home, avoiding traffic jams on the way and waiting times at the doctor's office
Individual Approach

Individual approach

MedicusUnion offers you access to qualified medical specialists who will provide you with individualized care and put together a customized treatment plan tailored for you
Video Call

Medical translation

Competent, fast and high quality translation during the online consultation. Our qualified interpreters support patients throughout the online consultation

What we offer

Through MedicusUnion you can get a second opinion from accredited European physicians, have radiological imaging interpreted by specialists, as well as get your complete treatment abroad organized by us

European medicine

Europe is a popular destination for medical travel, as its healthcare system is a world leader due to its high standards and requirements for physician qualifications and clinics
With us you are in good hands

Your personal data and medical history are confidential and protected

  • Easy
    A simple user interface that facilitates communication with a specialist
  • Secure
    A secure communication channel that protects your personal data
Consultations with specialists are conducted remotely via the MedicusUnion platform in real time:
  • ACommunication with the doctor takes place via the website or our APP via videocall
  • A dedicated communication platform on which the security and confidentiality of your interaction is guaranteed