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About us

We make medical care accessible

MedicusUnion provides you the opportunity to consult with a European specialists online in real time. We increase the accessibility to quality medical services. Now everyone can avail of them without putting your health at risk.
The platform allows you to connect with highly qualified doctors online via video call, get findings reviewed and treatment plans created. If necessary an interpreter can take part at the consultation to assist you.

Innovative approach

We developed a new approach to a traditional problem. Our mission is to provide quality medical care to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our patients have access to highly qualified specialists from various domains with many years of experience, with whom they can easily consult via video call.
Friendly interface that makes the communication with a specialist easy
Secure communication channel that guarantees the safety of personal data

Medical specialities


Evaluation of radiological examinations

MedicusUnion organizes online consultations for you with European radiologists who will professionally evaluate and interpret your examination results.
  • Provision of X-ray images, ultrasound results and image series of MRI, CT or PET.
  • Analysis of images by a radiologist specialized in the relevant field


Consultations with specialists are carried out remotely via the MedicusUnion platform in real time:
  • Video-Consultation with the doctor via the website or application
  • Study of submitted medical history and findings
  • Simultaneous online translation during the consultation

Your doctor is always by your side

Use our mobile application and book an appointment from anywhere in the world with the best doctors of Europe

High quality medicine

Competent advice from recognized, European experts available to you at any time


Modern technologies of interaction in the context of anti-COVID restrictions


Interpreting services during an online consultation to overcome language barriers

Organization of treatment

Planning and organization of further treatment in Europe

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