Anesthesiology is responsible for pain relief during medical interventions.

The anesthesiologist performs effective anesthesia during medical interventions, while assisting in preservation of vital functions of the body. Anesthetic care is represented by different types – intravenous, spinal, regional, etc. You can choose the optimal solution to the problem, taking into account the symptoms and concomitant diagnoses, with the help of a qualified specialist using our platform

How it works

  • With the homepage or mobile app of MedicusUnion, you can consult your doctor from the comfort of your own home.
  • Licensed specialists with extensive experience and know-how.
  • An online consultation is essentially the same as a visit to the doctor's office, but with the convenience and location of your choice. You will be asked about your current symptoms, medical history and concerns. Based on this information, your doctor will make a thorough assessment and recommend a treatment plan.