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Organization of treatment in Europe

Do you want to be treated in a European clinic, but do not know how to do it? MedicusUnion organizes turnkey medical trips. We will help you to choose a medical institution and doctor that specializes in the treatment of your disease and prepare necessary documents for the trip to Europe. Long-term cooperation with European clinics ensures high quality of service offered.

What is available within the service

The organization of medical travel is a multi-stage process that includes:
  • Selection of the clinic and specialist. We will find you a clinic and a specialist who is specialized in your medical case and make an appointment for you.
  • Processing of the invitation. For a visa, the invitation from a medical institution is mandatory.
  • Help with the flight organization. We will book your flight and meet you at the airport.
  • On-site support. We organize the transfer with a driver who speaks your language, accompany you to the clinic and choose the appropriate interpreter for the interaction with the doctor, who will assist you throughout the treatment period if necessary.
You will not be left alone in a foreign country. Your psychological well-being plays a significant role in your health. Therefore we will facilitate the interaction as much as possible so that only positive emotions accompany you during your treatment

Service cost

Since the organization of the treatment is arranged individually for each patient, the price may vary. For more detailed information, please contact our staff, who will be happy to provide you with detailed information
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