During the online consultation you can discuss your health complaints with a specialist. The communication takes place via video call. Before the consultation, you can send your findings to the specialist, if any are available. During the online consultation, the doctor will discuss treatment options and diagnostic strategies with you.

How does it work?

  • Register on the MedicusUnion website or the APP.
  • Select the desired specialist in the "Find a doctor" section
  • Select a tariff of your choice
  • Pick a date, up to five different options are possible
  • Upload relevant medical findings in English or German. If you require translation of documents, please contact us directly
  • Describe your medical history
  • Submit a request for an online consultation
  • Receive an appointment confirmation from the doctor and the link for payment (prepayment)
  • Now you can start with the consultation

Which files can I upload?

You can upload all required documents - from findings to radiological imaging.